Whole fat milk: benefits for moms & kids

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  1. Bronwyn Preece’s avatar

    Chris –

    Two things:

    1) is there a resource site listing sources of raw dairy? or is this wishful thinking, being that in many places it is illegal to sell raw dairy products?!

    2) what is your thinking about ghee made from a good source of organic butter?

    Love the blog — jam packed with information and insights! I’m thrilled to have signed up for your feeds!

    Thanks, Bronwyn

  2. admin’s avatar


    1) Yes, go to “http://www.realmilk.com/where-other.html”. They have some listings for BC, but I don’t see any in the Victoria area. Nevertheless, it might be worth asking around. Occasionally local farmers will be willing to sell raw milk for your *pets* if it is illegal to sell for human consumption. It’s also often possible to buy into a “cow share”, which means you will own a portion of a cow with others; since you are then the owner of the cow, you are entitled to drink its milk legally. This is how many people obtain raw dairy products in the U.S. You might also ask at the local health food stores if anyone knows of a local cow share or source; Elanne’s sister-in-law Trish found a source in Prince George this way. Finally, you can try joining the “Native Nutrition” Yahoo group and posting a message there asking if anyone knows of a source in Victoria. It’s a large group of folks who follow these nutritional principles.

    2) I think ghee made from grass-fed or organic butter is excellent. We use tons of the stuff ourselves – just bought a five-pound tub a few weeks ago, as a matter of fact!


  3. Bronwyn Preece’s avatar

    Thanks for thanks for the link — I’m now in discussion with a farmer out in East Sooke (about an hour our of town) and I’ve also located a source of raw cheese here in Victoria! Thanks again!

  4. Ruth’s avatar

    What is the link between milk and acne? I want to start to drink milk again, but I’m afraid for my skin.

  5. Chris’s avatar

    Hi Ruth,

    Have you tried raw milk? Visit this link to learn why raw milk is superior to pasteurized milk. I’ve known many people, including myself, who cannot tolerate pasteurized milk but do very well on raw milk.


  6. Kelly’s avatar

    The part pertaining to “avoid coconut milk” in the blog is not something I am totally fixated on. I am reading a book about coconut oil right now and there is a lot of evidence in the book about medium chain triglycerides benefits. What are your thoughts on this?

  7. Chris’s avatar


    I think coconut oil is an incredibly healthy food. In addition to the MCTs, which you just mentioned, it’s also the most saturated of all fat (at @97%). Contrary to popular dogma, the benefits of saturated fat are numerous. Coconut is also a significant source of lauric acid, which is anti-microbial. Since coconut oil is so highly saturated, it doesn’t oxidize easily and is safe to use in cooking.

    Coconut oil shares some of the benefits of other coconut products, but it’s much higher in sugar. It’s best used sparingly.


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