Web-based seminar on natural treatment of depression

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    That is indeed unfortunate. I didn’t “attend” the seminar myself, but I did hear from Troy as well and I have read Dr. Gordon’s book – which I think is the best book available on the subject. I hope the class improves and becomes more substantial. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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    It seems that the rest of the program will improve and it just started off badly…I’ve spoken with Troy and am quite impressed with his dedication…and it seems clear that their intentions are quite honorable!!

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    I’m very glad to hear this, Gianna.  I corresponded with Troy as well and he seems very committed to the program and getting this message out.  I have also been very impressed by Dr. Gordon’s writing and his approach to healing depression holistically.  I’m sure he has a lot to offer through the online class. 

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    what is your thought on use of light (I have a “light book”) for depression.  I live in New Hampshire, where the winter days are cold and gray.  This past fall I started taking cod liver oil and am wondering if the light I use for SAD would be too much if I was using cod liver oil.

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    I don’t think you have to worry about vitamin D overdose living in New Hampshire in the winter taking a moderate dose of cod liver oil and using a light box, presuming you’re sticking to the recommended doses for each.


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