Warning: drinking bottled water could make you fat!

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  2. Daniel’s avatar

    What do you make of that report that came out last fall about credit card receipts and BPA?  I’ve been wary of receipts since then, but haven’t heard any follow up…  Thanks, Dan

  3. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    I didn’t see that report, Daniel.  In general I think it’s wise to minimize BPA exposure to the extent that we can.  Some is unavoidable.

  4. Norm’s avatar

    The water bottles portrayed in your post are PET (polyethylene terephthalate).  PET doesn’t have BPA but the jury is still out as to the safety of PET as this Discovery article points out but many people believe PET is much safer than the hard clear BPA plastics.

  5. paleofriend’s avatar

    Hi Chris, good post, but there seems to be something wrong with the link in the following paragraph (or is it just my browser (Chrome)?):
    “A report (PDF) published in Reproductive Toxicology by 38 scientists evaluated the strength of data from more than 700 BPA studies.”
    From which study is the picture with the two mice?

  6. Chris Kresser’s avatar


    The mouse picture is from Jenny Ruhl’s book “Blood Sugar 101″, on p.36.  I believe it comes originally from an article by Janet Raloff published in Science News on 9/29/07 called Do Common Plastics and Resins Carry Risks?

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