Treating depression without drugs – Part II

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  1. Jurriaan Plesman’s avatar

    For information on how hypoglycemia can cause people to suffer from mood disorders please see:

    Depression is a Nutritional Disorder at:

    Depression is a Disease of Energy Production at:

    Self-help Personal Growth Psychotherapy at:

  2. Chris’s avatar


    Thanks very much for the links. I’ll check them out!


  3. Karen Vaughan’s avatar

    St. John’s wort like most herbs works best in a formula oriented towards the patttern of depression.  But for seasonal affective disorder, the combination of St. John’s wort and lemon balm is far better than either alone.
    As for acupuncture, I have successfully used NADA protocol with PTSD and depression, and I have seen a variety of Sun Si Miao ghost treatments do amazing things within a single session for people with all kind of serious issues.  In one case a woman whose mother and daughter had both committed suicide, walked into the clinic bent over, not meeting anyone’s eyes, complaining of depression.  Post ghost treatment she looked right in our eyes, stood tall and in future visits dressed well and continued the change.

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