The saturated fat myth debunked in two minutes and thirty five seconds

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  1. Christian W’s avatar

    I love this video!

  2. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    Pretty funny, huh? He’s got a dry sense of humor that appeals to me.

  3. Christian W’s avatar

    Yeah, it’s great ironic humor, and he manages to communicate the essence of the issue very effectively.
    Also, the faux 1950s aesthetic is awesome.

  4. Vic Shayne, PhD’s avatar

    This little video is the tip of the iceberg. The fat-heart disease connection via the cholesterol “problem” is one in several campaigns of mass deception. The goal? Maybe to sell billions of dollars worth of cholesterol drugs along with diagnostic “services” and so forth. Today’s processed foods, bad fats, sugar and nutrient-depleted diets result in damaged arteries. Once damaged, these arteries crack and hemorrhage, which the body attempts to repair with cholesterol as a “patch.” But to blame cholesterol is to kill the messenger. It’s a shame that money and politics rule our nation’s medical system because the real people who suffer are our friends and relatives. This cholesterol scam is analogous to the fluoride scam. It’s not that we lack the science to prove the falsehoods, it’s that we lack the media oversight and there is no separation between politics and big pharma money. In the simplest of terms, natural fats are good while those created by scientists in a lab are bad.

  5. Chris Kresser’s avatar


    Welcome to the blog. I couldn’t agree more. See my section on heart disease and cholesterol for more.

  6. Ellen’s avatar

    I bought “Fat Head” just so I could show it to as many family members as possible!  It does the trick.
    Your blog is wonderful.

  7. Musings of a Housewife’s avatar

    Love it.

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