The Healthy Skeptic goes on sabbatical

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  1. Gianna’s avatar

    Dear Chris,
    all the best to you as you finish your studies…
    You know home for me is the bay area and I often visit (when healthy)…someday I may just stop by your clinic to say hello…
    how very exciting…
    and I certainly would be happy to refer people I know to you so keep me informed.

  2. Sabra’s avatar

    I look foward to your return and wish you success in your upcoming year. I very much enjoy reading your critics of studies and before you depart for the year I have a question. Have you found certain books to be helpful in your critical appraisals of studies? Other than your education and general understanding of health. I have been reading some EBM books but I find they side heavily for mainstream medicine and I know there is critism that EBM is not applicable [nor are RCT] to CAM. Any reading suggestions?

  3. Chris’s avatar


    You might find the Health News Review website to be helpful. They review clinical studies and have a helpful “Things you should know about clinical research” section.


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