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The results from the Reader Survey are in. 147 people responded (thank you!). The drawing winners will be notified early next week and will have their choice of $75 off a Paleo Detox Program or $50 off a Case Review.

Click the thumbnails below for full-size screenshots of the survey results, and click here to view the survey results in a separate window.

Graph of survey results for next blog series
Survey results for class series topics
Survey results for preferred learning formats
Survey results for obstacles to getting care

As you can see, Balancing Male & Female Hormones just barely edged out New Paradigm for Autoimmune Disease as the topic for the next series. So I’ll begin with hormones next, and then move on to autoimmunity. However, I’ll probably write some solo articles prior to starting the next series.

The most popular topics for the online class series are optimal nutrition, digestive health, movement & exercise, thyroid and autoimmune disease. See below for more information about these classes will work.

Blog posts are by far the most popular learning format, followed by eBooks, special reports and podcasts. I’m hoping to cover all of these formats in the coming year.

For those who need care but aren’t getting it, the top two reasons were “can’t afford it” and “can’t find a good practitioner in my area”. One of my goals for 2011 is to offer options for care that are accessible to people living outside of the SF Bay Area, as well as those with limited economic means. Again, see below for more on this.

New programs, products & services for 2011

I’ve got a number of things in the works for 2011:

  • The Paleo Detox Program. This is a 30-day, supervised anti-inflammatory program incorporating a paleo-type elimination diet, high quality supplements and botanicals, and guidelines for stress management and exercise. It can be done individually, or as part of a group, and both options are available in-person (SF Bay Area) and long-distance (worldwide). The first group starts in February. For general information, visit For more information about the February group, visit
  • Online class series. I’m planning an online class series on various topics. Each series will last 6-weeks, with one 1.5 hour class each week, covering a single topic (i.e. optimal nutrition, digestive health, thyroid, etc.). The classes will be conducted via webinar and accessible to anyone with an internet connection and either a telephone, computer headset or Skype. Each class will begin with a slide presentation and conclude with a Q&A period. I’m excited about this format because I think it will address, at least in part, the two most common reasons people aren’t getting care: the expense, and not being able to find a practitioner in their area. I’m hoping to launch the first class series in April, and the topic will probably be either Optimal Nutrition or Digestive Health. I’m also planning to make each series available on DVD for those that aren’t able to tune-in to the actual class.
  • eBooks. I love eBooks myself, and judging from the survey results, you do too. I plan to write a series of eBooks on the same topics I’ve covered on the blog. Titles might include “How To Prevent Heart Disease Without Drugs”, “7 Steps to Perfect Digestion”, “Take Control of Your Blood Sugar”, etc. The series I write on the blog are quite technical and research-focused. The eBooks will be the “how-to” companion guides to the series. I haven’t decided on the first eBook topic yet, but my goal is to have it published by July.
  • Podcast. I love this format as well, and enjoyed my first two podcasts. However, I think podcasts are better when there’s an interactive element – like an interview, or a Q&A (like Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution). I especially like the idea of a Q&A, where you could send in your questions via email, Twitter or Facebook, and I would respond to them in the podcast. It’s more fun to do that with another person, and right now that’s the missing element. Any ideas?

Facebook & Twitter

If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook and Twitter. The Healthy Skeptic Page on Facebook has over 2,000 fans, with a lively discussion on a wide range of topics related to health and nutrition. I post links to studies and articles, recipes, pictures of meals, special offers and coupons, and more. It’s also a great way to interact with other Healthy Skeptic readers who may share similar interests.

I use Twitter in a similar way, but because of the nature of the medium, I end up posting a lot more links to studies, articles & recipes there than I do on Facebook.

Site redesign

Quite a few people mentioned that they like the site design in the surveys, and I do too. That said, I’ll be launching several new programs and services next year and the current site isn’t well-organized to accomodate them. Also, it’s lacking some important “under-the-hood” functionality. So I’m going to be doing a fairly significant site upgrade and redesign in the next month or two.

Interview with Jimmy Moore on Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb

On January 12th I’ll be recording an interview with Jimmy Moore from the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. We’re going to chat about cholesterol, statins, diabesity and anything else that comes up. The show will be episode 464 and will air on April 14th, just before Jimmy’s interview with Dr. Uffe Ravnskov (a pioneering cholesterol skeptic). Cool!

I’m going to be a dad!

Finally, a bit of personal news. My wife is 3 months pregnant and we’re expecting a beautiful baby in July. I’m so excited.

Obviously things will slow down a bit here at the blog in the summer, as I’ll have my hands full with a new baby and a busy private practice. But as you can see above, I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished between now and then.

I’ve also naturally been doing a lot of research these past few months on maternal nutrition for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it’s possible that this could end up being the topic of a class series, or at least a few blog posts.

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