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I’m excited to announce the launch of the Paleo Detox Program.

It’s an evolutionary, evidence-based approach to restoring optimal function and health. The cornerstone of the program is a paleolithic diet which eliminates common food toxins like wheat, industrial seed oils, sugar and soy. The Paleo Detox also includes a targeted blend of nutrients to remove accumulated toxins and support the detox process, as well as guidelines for stress management and exercise.

The Paleo Detox is unlike any other detox program. It’s not a cleanse or a fast. I’m not going to starve you on lemon juice and maple syrup or make you drink nothing but mealy protein shakes for a month. The goal of the Paleo Detox is to reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system and super-charge the metabolism by nourishing you with nutrient-dense foods our bodies have evolved to eat.

The Paleo Detox is available in two formats: group programs that begin 3-4 times a year, and individual programs that begin whenever you’re ready. Both group and individual programs can be done in-person (in the SF Bay Area) and online (worldwide).

To learn more about how the Paleo Detox Program can help you feel better, live longer and perform at a higher level, watch the video below and visit

The first group begins in February 2011. To sign up, click the “Sign Up Now” button on the Paleo Detox website or visit

If you prefer to do an individual program, you can sign up anytime simply by contacting me through my professional website.

Finally, please pass this on to anyone you think might benefit. Getting started with a paleo diet can be a challenge. The Paleo Detox Program is designed to support and guide you through that process, so you can reap the benefits of a nutrient-dense, toxin-free diet.

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microphoneIn the next few months I’m going to be offering several free talks in the SF Bay Area. The first of these is on the importance of detoxification in promoting health and longevity. It’s on December 4th, from 11:00am – 12:30pm at DIAKADI Body, a fantastic personal training and wellness center in the SoMA area of San Francisco.

You can read more about the talk and register for a space here. Please do register, as we’re expecting a good turnout and we want to make sure we have enough seats for everyone.

You can also download the flyer by clicking on it below.

In other news, last week I posted a link to my new professional website. I’ll be blogging over there as well, and the content and flavor will be a little different than what I do here. Less “research-y”, and more “nuts & bolts” kind of stuff – tips on diet & lifestyle, recipes, supplement recommendations, local SF Bay Area events, book reviews, etc. I’ve published a few blog posts already, so check them out if you haven’t yet. The most recent article is about “stress denial“.

If you’re interested, sign up to receive email updates.

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