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  1. Danny Truxaw’s avatar

    my wife’s ability to work has been totally destroyed by statins.  Has anyone started a class action suit or been successful in an individual suit against Big Pharma?

  2. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    It’s worth doing some searching around for. I think I’ve heard of some suits in the past, but I’m not sure what happened with them.

  3. Bo Zackrisson’s avatar

    Very interesting videos! I´m skeptical myself to statin use. For many reasons. But I must question one thing. In the video You say that there has not been any RCT-studies om statins prior to 2005. I would say that there has been a lot of such studies.
    The first study that opened up the market for statin use world wide was Swedish and was called the Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study (4S) published in The Lancet 1994. After that there have been several RCT-studies on statins prior to 2005.
    Do you have any comment on that?

  4. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    What I meant to say was that there weren’t many positive, well-designed RCTs for statins prior to 2005. See my comment below for more on those.

  5. alex’s avatar

    @Danny, I sure hope so.  I’m going to be looking for class actions against Simvistatin.
    Yesterday, I took my grandma to the cardiologist.  She’s had a hx of heart disease and was on Lipitor for awhile then changed at the beginning of the year to Simvistatin because it’s cheaper.  Lately, she’s just different, fatigued, forgetful, aching, confused, rummy, and completely disinterested.  The cardio doc assessed her and said to stop the statin.  He sees this all that time.  He thinks all this is from that and she’ll improve in 2 weeks if so.  It infuriates me.  She’s 84 and has been robbed of months of life.  Thank god someone in the family tries to research this stuff (me).
    Keep getting the word out!  Great job here man.
    I also like the thyroid info since I have hypo, but don’t know why, just swallow the pill every morning.

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