More mainstream madness

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  1. Debs’s avatar

    I hadn’t heard about the tilapia, but I had heard about the other two issues. I was freaked out by the re-branding of high fructose corn syrup, because I’d written a joking prediction of this ( and then it happened. Shocking and shameful.

    I’m curious about the gummi bears and garbage in feedlots. I knew about crappy grains, but gummi bears? Bizarre.

    Food Is Love

  2. admin’s avatar

    Hi Deb,

    Welcome to THS and thanks for your comment!

    Shocking and shameful indeed. I loved reading your “Ruse By Any Other Name” article – hilarious and tragically sad at the same time, because of course your prediction is entirely possible.

    As for the gummi bears, I’ll be writing a future article about commercial meat production soon. I’ve written two articles about the benefits of grassfed animal products here and here.


  3. Debs’s avatar


    I’ll look forward to that article. I’m also a big proponent of grass-fed meat and dairy for all the reasons you mention in your articles and all the ones we’re still finding out about (higher vitamin K2, lower dioxin, etc).


    Food Is Love

  4. Bruce’s avatar

    The article on Science Daily said farmed tilapia has more “long chain omega-6 fats” (Arachidonic Acid) than 80% lean hamburger, doughnuts, and bacon. It didn’t say they have more omega-6 fats total. Beef is very low in PUFAs, with like 2-3% of total fat. Most foods have more PUFAs than beef. Doughnuts are very high in trans fat, rancid MUFAs and PUFAs, refined sugar and white flour. Obviously a diet high in food like doughnuts would cause more inflammation than a low-carb diet with unprocessed fats.

    I usually get wild seafood, often frozen because that’s the only way to find it here. I also focus on seafood that is very lean, like 1-2% fat by weight (1-2g in a 3.5-4.0 oz / 100-113 g serving). If I can’t determine that seafood is wild, or low in fat/PUFAs, I don’t get it. I like scallops and they’re absurdly lean like 0.3-0.5% PUFAs by weight. Lobster and crab are even lower in the PUFAs, like 0.1% PUFAs. Limiting PUFAs is more effective and cheaper than trying to balance them. Eat mainly foods that are extremely low in PUFAs, and you won’t have to worry about your ratios, because your body will shift over to Mead Acid instead of n-6 and n-3 “EFAs.”

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