How to increase your risk of heart disease

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  1. Chris’s avatar

    For another critical analysis of Steinberg’s recommendations, head over to Chris Masterjohn’s blog and read this article.

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    Scary huh?

    How many more brain-challenged kids are there going to be? Or kids with cancer/heart failure taking statins?


  3. Chris’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, G.

    Scary is right. What I neglected to include in my article is that Dr. Steinberg is pushing for LEGISLATION (!) that would prohibit advertising of meat, eggs and other products containing saturated fat and cholesterol and/or placing a tax on their use – similar to tobacco.

    This is absolutely outrageous, of course. Even if there were evidence clearly demonstrating the harm of these products (which there isn’t), shouldn’t we be free to choose what we eat?

  4.’s avatar

    Hi Chris,

    Well, when the beef industry went up against Oprah and lost…I did feel a little bad for them (not really). However, now given these ridiculous scenarios which are becoming scary realities (I’ll list below), I hope the beef industry wins!
    –what I just said is scary… the industrialized (!!) caged-cornfed-beef industry may overcome the likes of Dr. Steinberg *ha haa*
    –Canada clamping down on healthful nutriceuticals which PROMOTE disease prevention and heal from the inside in people who are already have disease
    –again, awesome nutrients like vitamin D3 cannot be bought legally in Canada for legitimate disease-causing vitamin D3 deficiencies *uurrrggghhh* When did vitamin D3 become illegal like crack?? Is the Canadian govt on CRACK?! &$%*($
    –lame a$$es like the Ac of Peds do not stand up and lack the courage to fight or identify the actual CAUSES of high cholesterol, sodas and juices sold in public school cafeterias, no child left behind retardedness which essentially eliminated physical eduation in the public schools (to only 1hr/week !!), sedentary lifestyles, high fructose corn syrup and poor nutrition, video games/boob-toobs, etc. Statins won’t bridge any of these…

    Thank you for promoting awareness and education!! keep up the strong work.


  5. Chris’s avatar


    Thanks for your comment and support.

    My wife is Canadian and we are both outraged at what has transpired there. It’s unbelievable.

    Why doesn’t Steinberg suggest taxing and regulating vegetable oil, processed food, sugar and refined flour? These are the true causes of heart disease. But of course, the powerful lobbies behind such foods would never let that happen, and most Americans have been so brainwashed by the hype against traditional, nutrient dense foods like saturated fat, cholesterol and meat that they feel guilty when they eat them – if they eat them at all.

    Yet strangely they feel no such compunction while diving into a bag of chips fried in soybean oil, which is far more likely to give them a heart attack.

  6. Keith Lea’s avatar

    Hi! Great blog. Could you post some references for these statements?

    “And what promotes oxidation of the LDL particle? Eating polyunsaturated fat.”


    “In addition to promoting oxidation of LDL particles, polyunsaturated fats contribute directly to atherosclerosis and heart attacks. 75% of arterial plaque is made up of unsaturated fat, of which 50% is polyunsaturated (only 25% is saturated). The greater the concentration of polyunsaturated fat in the plaque, the more likely it is to rupture. Such ruptures, and the ensuing blood clots that form, are a primary cause of heart attacks.”

    Also, this one:

    “More than 40 trials have been performed to see if cholesterol lowering can prevent heat attacks. When all the results were pooled together, just as many died in the treatment groups as the control groups.”


  7. Chris’s avatar

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog.

    LDL particles carrying a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids are far more susceptible to oxidative damage than those enriched with saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. (link).

    Consumption of polyunsaturated vegetable oils has repeatedly been shown to increase LDL oxidation, even though it lowers LDL and total cholesterol levels. (link)

    See this study on polyunsaturated fatty acids and composition of human aortic plaques. (link)

    Analysis of the lipid portion of atherosclerotic plaques shows they contain a disproportionately high concentration of n-6 fatty acid linoleic acid, and that plaque content of linoleic acid correlates with dietary intake. (link)

    Higher plaque concentrations of linoleic acid are also associated with an increased likelihood of plaque rupture. ((link)

    It is well-established that plaque rupture is a major trigger of acute coronary events. (link)

    “More than 40 trials have been performed to see if cholesterol lowering can prevent heat attacks. When all the results were pooled together, just as many died in the treatment groups as the control groups.” (link)

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