Healthy Baby Resources

Homemade formula options

See this page on the Weston A. Price website for several options for homemade formula. Don’t forget to check out the videos on making the raw milk and liver formulas.

Cholesterol and saturated fat

Watch my video “I Have High Cholesterol and I Don’t Care” for a good introduction to the subject. Then read all of the articles in my special report on heart disease for the nitty-gritty details.

Essential fatty acids & fish oil

Read my series of articles on essential fatty acids, fish and fish oil for a better understanding of which EFAs are necessary, which are harmful in excess doses, and how to get them from the diet. Some of the information is slightly outdated; I no longer recommend taking fish oil except for fermented cod liver oil.

9 steps to perfect health

Read my 9 Steps to Perfect Health series to learn how to eat a nutrient-dense diet, supplement wisely, manage stress, exercise efficiently, sleep better and cultivate pleasure. The series is still in progress, so sign up for email updates if you’d like to be notified when new articles are published.

Soy Alert!

An ongoing collection of articles highlighting the dangers of soy.

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