Have some butter with your veggies!

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  1. Enith Hernandez’s avatar

    GREAT article, tho I do believe little ones should be given their veggies because it is a great way to get them to like veggies.  Introducing veggies at an early age means that they will more likely eat them when they are young adults.

  2. Chris’s avatar

    Hi Enith,

    Certainly feeding young children vegetables with butter, cheese or some other fat will help them to “acquire” a taste for veggies later in their lives. However, I’ve seen a lot of parents really stress out when their very young kids don’t like vegetables. They go to great lengths to try to force their children to eat them. This concern is often misplaced. Young children need traditional fats and the fat-soluble vitamins they contain at that age much more than they need vegetables. The conversion mechanism which transforms nutrients in vegetables like beta-carotene into vitamins our bodies rely on like vitamin A is not yet developed in young kids. This is why it’s crucial that they eat plenty of fat in their diet, and especially with any fruits or vegetables they consume. Parents should be far more concerned about this than they should about their children’s vegetable intake.

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