Free public talk on detoxification in San Francisco: Saturday 12/4 11:00am @DIAKADI Body

microphoneIn the next few months I’m going to be offering several free talks in the SF Bay Area. The first of these is on the importance of detoxification in promoting health and longevity. It’s on December 4th, from 11:00am – 12:30pm at DIAKADI Body, a fantastic personal training and wellness center in the SoMA area of San Francisco.

You can read more about the talk and register for a space here. Please do register, as we’re expecting a good turnout and we want to make sure we have enough seats for everyone.

You can also download the flyer by clicking on it below.

In other news, last week I posted a link to my new professional website. I’ll be blogging over there as well, and the content and flavor will be a little different than what I do here. Less “research-y”, and more “nuts & bolts” kind of stuff – tips on diet & lifestyle, recipes, supplement recommendations, local SF Bay Area events, book reviews, etc. I’ve published a few blog posts already, so check them out if you haven’t yet. The most recent article is about “stress denial“.

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  1. Kaitlyn’s avatar

    Will your free talks be available as podcasts as well? (By the way, I really enjoyed your podcast on fish oil and passed it on to friends.)

  2. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    I will probably post it as a screencast (slide show) sometime early next year.

  3. Marilla’s avatar

    I’ve been curious/skeptical for a long time about the concept of detox. I’ve never smoked or eaten a typical SAD diet. Now I’ve improved even more with things like organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, pasteured eggs when I can find them etc. Does someone who eats well even need to detox?

    Also, so many things are said to detox the body, and I’m sure some of that isn’t based in fact. Seems to be a term that is thrown around a lot. A friend who eats well just finished a 2 week intensive difficult detox. She felt sick throughout. That’s well and fine if she comes out the other end feeling better, but her health didn’t improve. Makes me wonder if it was helpful or even harmful. Because she suffered during the detox, she felt as though toxins were leaving her body, but how does one know?

    I’d love you to shed some light on this topic!

  4. Chris Kresser’s avatar


    To be frank, I was also skeptical of detoxification until fairly recently. However, as I learned more about the role of toxins in diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes and obesity, I changed my mind.

    You’ve done well by removing most food toxins from your diet, and I believe that’s the most important step. That said, we are all exposed to toxins in the environment regardless of where we live and how healthy we are. Also, stress, medications, alcohol and several other factors can impair liver function and compromise the efficiency of our detox pathways. In women, particularly, hormone clearance can become sluggish, which leads to problems like PCOS, infertility and peri-menopausal symptoms.

    My approach to detox is different than most other approaches. I’m not starving people on lime juice and maple syrup, or purging them with gall bladder cleanses, or making them eat nothing but steamed veggies for a month. I do what I’m calling a “paleo detox”, which involves removing all common food toxins and nourishing the body with nutrient-dense foods we evolved to eat.

    I then use nutritional supplements to reduce inflammation and oxidative damage, repair tissue, remove accumulated toxins and improve our natural detox capacity.

    I’ll be posting a screencast about this soon, and in the talk I’ll be discussing the scientific basis behind detoxification.

  5. Marilla’s avatar

    I’ll be anxiously waiting on the edge of my keyboard for your next screencast.

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