Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce brain function

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  1. Galina’s avatar

    It is actually old news about cholesterol’s usefulness for brain and also for some hormones production in physiology. However, still cholesterol is associated with atherosclerosis and is a risk factor for cardiac disease. I read ( don’t remember, unfortunately, where) that problem with cholesterol is due to its high viscosity. Because of this cholesterol could easy stick to vessel’s wall creating the foundation for plaque formation. What do you think about it.? There are some herbs and formulas that help to manage cholesterol level in the blood stream. Do you think it is o’k to use these herbs instead of statin drugs?
    Respect. Galina

  2. Chris’s avatar


    No, cholesterol isn’t associated with atherosclerosis and is not a risk factor for heart disease, unless it’s oxidized LDL you’re talking about of only middle-aged men with pre-existing heart disease.

    I suggest you check our my index of articles on cholesterol and read as many as you can. Start with this one.

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