Bad news for tea drinkers

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  1. Anne’s avatar

    You don’t mention whether the flouride is sodium flouride or calcium flouride.  My understanding was that sodium flouride (the kind found in water supplies, toothpastes etc and which originates as a waste by-product of the aluminium industry) was detrimental, but that calcium flouride was not.
    Do you have an opinion on sodium vs calcium flouride?

  2. Chris Kresser’s avatar


    I have not looked into that issue enough to form an opinion. I do know from reading The Fluoride Deception that the author, Bryson, and Schuld, who I mentioned in the article, consider tea a risk if consumed in large quantities.

  3. mart’s avatar

    I’m sorry, but in the first few minutes of this video my alarm bells went off. “DDT Science!” in the intro voice-over as a criticism? The same DDT that since Rachel Carson got it banned has been sorely missed by the tens of millions of victims of malaria all over the world, but mostly in Africa.
    Also Ralph Nader as his go-to guy upon starting research into fluoride? While he may have done some good in a very general sense as a consumer advocate in the past I’d consider his integrity highly dubious nowadays. As a major advocate of government regulation and intrusion into citizen’s lives – which is in my opinion an almost universally bad idea – witness the heart-health pyramid and other disastrous government (and mercantilist [big business and government colluding] schemes that have been derided all over this blog. Starting from these premises I’d be willing to put money on this being a very warped documentary film.

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