Audio interview on how to cure heartburn and GERD without drugs

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  1. Ian’s avatar

    I’ve been trying out your recommendations for GERD for about a month now and they’ve been relatively successful (although I’m still struggling with it a little bit).  Hopefully it’ll be 100% soon.  Do you have any recommendations for joint health?

  2. Christian W’s avatar

    That’s a great interview. I enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Chris Kresser’s avatar


    Check out this post by Art Ayers at Cooling Inflammation.  Follow his suggestions and I’d be very surprised if your joint pain doesn’t diminish significantly.


    Thanks for your feedback.  I’m hoping to do more of that kind of thing.

  4. Jeanne’s avatar

    Nice to hear your voice!  Two questions that came up while I was listening to this:  What do you think of sourdough in that it is fermented, low-glycemic?   And, I may have heard wrong, but did you say it’s okay to drink water with meals? Your final article on GERD says to avoid liquids with meals to not dilute stomach acid. Could you clarify that for me?

  5. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    Hi Jeanne,

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. I’ll be doing more of that kind of thing in the future.

    Sourdough rye seems to work for many people who can’t otherwise tolerate gluten. My advice would be to let your body be your guide. If you have no reaction after eating it, it’s probably fine.

    I don’t recommend drinking liquid during meals, with the exception of soup broth or small amounts of red wine.

  6. reetie’s avatar

    Regarding DGL~
    Most of the DGL chewables I have found, that slowly dissolve in your mouth, contain artificial sweetners such as sorbitol & fructose.  You said to use DGL, which I do.
    Do you have any sources that do not contain artificial sweetners?  I did have had one source that tasted great and contained (unspecified) fruit sugar…again sugar.
    Thanks in advance for your reply & thank you too for all the work you do!

  7. Chris Kresser’s avatar

    Pure Encapsulations makes a product with no sweeteners. They’re one of my favorite supplement companies, because they don’t use fillers of any kind. Here’s a link to it on Amazon. Pure’s products are expensive, but worth it if you appreciate the quality. You may be able to shop around for a better price – I just linked to the first one that came up.

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